Theology Forums Rules

Here you will find the non-negotiable rules to engage with users on this site.

"The Devil is a better theologian than any of us and is a devil still.
-A.W. Tozer

Stay humble my friends.

Here at Theology Forums, we have decided to put into effect some rules. We had hoped we could avoid a rule system, under the assumption that Christians would be kind to one another regardless of their disagreements - sadly, we were wrong.

So here are the rules, they are simple, they are practical, and they are essential if you wish to interact with this community.

1. Threats and personal attacks will not be tolerated to any degree, these will result in permanent IP ban without warning.

2. We expect disagreement, it's simply the nature of a forum like this, but we equally expect civility. If we receive a report about rude, unChristlike behavior you will be warned via private message once, after that you will receive a temporary ban from the site - depending on the situation this may be days, weeks, or months. You will be told how long your ban is before it is enstated.

3. Due to the fact that there are individuals under the age of 18 on this forum, we are enstating a no-curse rule. Swearing will result in warnings and then temporary bans if warnings are not adhered to.

4. Posting links to external sites is discouraged, if staff believes links are means of advertisement or in anyway inappropriate for this forum you will receive a warning and if it continues your account will be temporarily banned. (This does not apply to links that are relevant to the topics, scholarly links, external website links that relate to the topic, etc etc.) This is speaking about frivolous posting of links that do not relate to the at hand topic in the specific thread you are posting in.

5. If you see a broken rule please report it, by using the report button located at the bottom of the user's post - it is near the feature that allows you to "like, agree, disagree, etc" each post. If you do not report a broken rule, you may not comment or reply to their message containing the broken rule until you have officially reported it to the Administration team. __________________________________________________________________________________________

These rules are liable to change at staff's discretion, keeping up on the rules is your responsibility. We do not believe these rules are constricting in any way, we believe they are simply common sense - therefore they are non-negotiable.

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