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    hey guys

    I am excited to be a part of this forum community. I am a young filmmaker with deeply convicting beliefs that I can't help but share with the world.As many of you well know even the church is not a place where deep meaningful discussion about theology can be taken.As a result, I find myself alienated from the church as well as the rest of the world. I hope this forum will be a place to find people as excited about deep discussion as I am.I want to learn and to teach rather than pointlessly argue. I believe there is still much to learn from someone who shares a viewpoint that I strongly disagree with. Above all else I WANT TRUTH.I do not care about my own wants or desires just what reality is. If I was forced to believe that God does not exist then I would have to accept it because the truth is more important than anything.I find that people subconsciously ignore certain passages of scripture because of their particular bias(I have fallen victim to this as much as anyone.)I fight these tendencies with all my strength and am not satisfied with a simple answer to a question.If the answer to a question is not obvious and very concrete I allow myself to not have an answer.Most people I come across have to have an answer whether it is well thought out or not.I believe it is better to not jump to an easy answer and allow yourself to not formulate an opinion than possibly have an incorrect belief.I am focussing on a youtube channel geared towards young adults my age who are interested in hearing the truth.

    my channel:
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    Welcome man! Hopefully we can learn TOGETHER!

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